Signs of the Times

The original Disciples of the Lord Jesus were exceedingly privileged to receive a private lesson in the last days from the Lord Himself in a communique known succinctly as the Olivet Discourse. These general signposts from our Lord in Matthew 24 help us, even as modern day believers, to recognize the threshold of the door leading to the beginning of Daniel’s 70th week. Two specific questions were addressed by the Lord; a when and a what question about the last days. In response, the Lord indicated that the timing of His return would be sudden…like a flash of lightning across the sky. The timing of that day would be similar to the the days of Noah in that people were going about their lives in the usual manner, busy with their daily activities, their work, and their immediate plans and agendas. In such a time, the Lord is coming, and His Disciples must be readily watching for His return. Thankfully, though no man knows the day and hour of the Lord’s certain return, the Lord has shared with us in Mt 24 eight signs of the times so that we would be able to discern the nearing Day of the Lord and not live unaware.